Leverage Real-Time Insight for Your Transactional Mainframe

Real-Time Insight From Your Transactional Mainframe

Leverage real-time insight from your transactional mainframe. Stream operational log and performance data to analytics solutions for powerful searches, modern dashboards and contextualized problem resolution.

A statistic that communicates a data point’s distance from the mean (the expected value). Data points with z-scores beyond a certain threshold are considered outliers.

Real-time insight matters.

Stream structured and unstructured data to analytics solutions in near real time. Search, filter and visualize results for faster incident identification and resolution.

Detect anomalies and patterns of unusual activity in your IT environment using data from your mainframe, distributed systems, and applications. This enables you to quickly identify and resolve issues and avoid costly outages.

The solution supports a broad range of IT operational insights for your business, including z/OS system, databases, messaging, security, transactions and web servers. You can also proactively discover and respond to events with Problem Insights, which sends alerts for specified problems based on your customized KPIs.

Simplify and optimize your z/OS infrastructure by collecting and consolidating log and event data into an analytics platform like Splunk or Elastic Stack. Use advanced filtering to ingest only the data you need, reducing CPU processing and storage requirements. Then reclaim the space for other purposes. This enables you to save on license fees and free up compute resources for other workloads.

Leverage business-critical data where it originates.

When the right strategy and tools are in place, companies can leverage data assets for a competitive advantage. However, a lack of efficient integration and the ability to handle multiple format sources makes it challenging for many businesses to fully leverage their business-critical data.

Stream near real time IBM Z operational log and event data to your analytics solution of choice. Search, filter and visualize log and performance data with powerful searches and modern dashboards.

The z analytics portfolio uses machine learning to automatically identify anomalies in your z environment. A scoring agent analyzes incoming SMF data at configurable intervals to determine normal system behavior and detect anomalies.

The z analytics platform utilizes the DB2 for z/OS data virtualization engine and the Apache Spark and Anaconda open source analytics tools to provide an integrated, highly scalable analytics solution that runs on IBM Z hardware. It provides a seamless integration between analytical and transaction workloads, leveraging the industry-leading quality of service capabilities of the IBM System z(r) hardware platform.

Simplification is key.

Leverage powerful searches and modern dashboards to extract contextualized insights across z systems IT environments. Supported subsystem dashboards include z/OS, WebSphere, Db2, CICS, IMS, MQ, Network and Security. Stream operational data to analytics solutions in near real time. Easily define what data is collected and sent, and to what analytics platforms, including Splunk and Elastic Stack.

Reduce the mean time to identify incidents and their causes by using near real-time IBM Z operational data. Search, filter and visualize IBM z/OS log and metric data, plus integrated machine learning to detect anomalies.

Powered by the DB2 Analytics Accelerator, IDAA automatically identifies queries that can benefit from hardware appliance query acceleration. The queries are offloaded to the appliance, resulting in performance gains without disrupting end users or changing application code. The result is reduced costs, increased scalability and more responsive operations.

Open data analytics.

Open data allows citizens, consumers or other non-specialists to access, use and remix datasets without having to pay licensing fees or worrying about data quality. It requires data visualizations that are easy to understand and share, as well as search tools that make it simple to find datasets of interest. It also requires an API that allows datasets to be easily downloaded and re-used, all while allowing for easy integration of multiple datasets from different sources.

IzODA is a powerful analytics platform that provides powerful searches, modern dashboards and contextualized insights from log, event and performance data. Use it to proactively identify issues and avoid costly outages by detecting anomalies in your IBM Z IT environments using the data you already have in near real time.

Watch the video library for IzODA to learn more about the product, its capabilities and use cases. It includes product introduction videos and an end to end deployment demo as well as use case videos.

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